Talent Development

Our results speak for themselves

BTA’s success rate in all recruitment processes is above 98%

¿Where are you located?

Our office is located in San Jose, Costa Rica, but we offer our services across all LATAM countries.

¿Wha'ts the average duration of the recruitment process?

Our SLA is unmatched: all our recruitment processes take no longer than 2 weeks.

¿What happens if the candidate recruited is not a good match?

We offer a guarantee of satisfaction to all our clients. This includes a replacement free of charge, within the previously defined time period.

¿Do you offer Corporate Training services?

Yes, Corporate Training is part of our Talent Development services. Through talks and workshops on current topics, we seek to impact and transmit knowledge that can help the quality of life and growth of its collaborators. We develop content considering agility in daily business processes, innovation and disruption, understanding the trends applicable to new generations and we measure the progress of your team according to the objectives set with effective tools.

¿Do you offer the Performance® test?

We are the exclusive representatives of the international Performance® test, that allows us to evaluate talent by identifying neurostrengths and competencies. With this platform you will be able to carry out recruitment & selection processes evaluating the compatibility of your candidates with the required profile; and, subsequently, generate development, management and team leadership plans.

¿Which Team Buliding methodologies do you use?

At BTA we use guaranteed Team Building Experiences® methodologies. We evaluate your collaborators through various tools. We create and execute recreational and/or strategic activities for your organization, that enhance the skills of employees and provide an efficient and profitable monitoring process over time. We measure and value the Return on your Investment (ROI) in each process. We work with analogies based on thematic of Sports Thinking Philosophies.


Our work methodology is custom tailored for every single service, ensuring we develop a proper diagnosis of each client’s requirements, a custom adaptation to the client’s needs, an optimal implementation, guaranteed results & continuity.

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